Jamie Douglass

Jamie Douglass is an Architect and Associate Technical Fellow within the Office of IT Chief Engineer at the Boeing Company. His research interests include language based integration, modeling and software development.

Nicholas Chen

Nicholas Chen is a PhD candidate in the Software Architecture Group at the University of Illinois. His research interest lies in mining patterns of software evolution and creating flexible software engineering tools to support them.

Ralph Johnson

Ralph Johnsons is on the faculty of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois. He is the leader of the UIUC patterns/Software Architecture Group and the coordinator of the senior projects program for the department. His professional interests cover nearly all things object-oriented, especially frameworks, patterns, business objects, and Smalltalk. He does a lot of research in refactoring, including work with Java, C, and Fortran. His group made the original refactoring tool, the Smalltalk Refactoring Browser.