Getting Pharo (with MOOSE)

Please download the Pharo image that was used during the demo. You can obtain a copy of the image (including the sources and changes files) from here. All you need is to download a suitable VM from the Pharo website (scroll to the bottom of that page).

Previously we had advocated installing MOOSE into a fresh Pharo image but this turned out to be unnecessary unwieldy since the MOOSE source code is always on the bleeding edge and may fail to load into older versions of Pharo.

Getting the LoLs sources

  1. Visit the LoLs Squeak source site at
  2. Follow the instructions on that page to load set up a new MCHttpRepository
  3. Load the LanguageOfLanguages package

Working with Language of Languages

The current version is the bootstrap version so it only contains the core packages. The best way to interact with the system would be to follow along with the SPLASH demo slides or to send e-mails directly to Jamie or Nick.